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Brody’s Buddy Ride

Brody’s Buddy Ride 2019

Coming up on August 17th is Brody’s Buddy Ride, a 21, 42 or 63 mile bike ride to educate and raise community awareness for children with special needs. It has been established in honor of Brody Majka Savicki, as well as other children and adults who have Down syndrome. Find more information on the ride, ways […]

Brody’s Buddy Ride 8/19/17

Taking place on Saturday, August 19th, Brody’s BUDDY™ Ride is a bike ride to raise awareness for Down Syndrome. 63 miles signify Trisomy-21 – with Down Syndrome, an extra chromosome (chromosome 21) develops and, three (rather than two) chromosomes 21 are present and repeated – hence, 21 x 3 = 63. “More is Better!” The ride will […]